Gordon Freedman is an executive in the education, education policy and technology-in-education field and a former executive producer in film, television and media.

Freedman is President of the National Laboratory for Education Transformation (NLET), a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to transforming 20th century education into 21st century learning. Freedman founded NLET to create an organization that could look three to five years into the future, acting as a broad social, research and organizational platform for the alignment of education with the knowledge economy and youth culture. Freedman is also a Fellow at SRI (www.SRI.com).

Freedman has helped evolve the field of eLearning and is an advocate for broad-based change across the K to College education spectrum while serving in a variety of firms and non-profits and through his former consulting firm, Knowledge Base, LLC. Freedman’s background in film and television started at ABC News in Washington, DC and then migrated to the Los Angeles entertainment community, where Freedman served as executive producer of every type of production except comedy, winning Emmy nominations and a Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Freedman formerly served as Vice President Global Education Strategy, Blackboard Inc, a Washington, DC based academic technology corporation with software implementations for higher education, training and schools in over 50 nations. Freedman works extensively with and serves on the board of non-profit organizations in the education change space, including www.innovate-educate.org and www.K20CETC.org.

Freedman lives in California and is the co-founder of the International School of Monterey, a K-8 California charter school.